April 2020

The Coronavirus is Here. Now what?

The Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic has hit us like no other outbreak in recent history and people are hurting. Employers have been forced to close their doors and hard-working people are now wondering how they're going to pay the bills without work for who knows how long.  These are uncertain and scary times.  


Online Bankruptcy Consultations Now Available

Bankruptcy Consultations now available via Skype and Zoom

While we remain open for in-office consultations, we encourage people to schedule appointments for consultations by videoconference whenever possible.  You can now go the "Make an Appointment" page and schedule a free initial consultation by videoconference over Skype or Zoom.  Most of the initial discussion and evaluation can take place over videoconference and email, and we can discuss further steps from there. 

Bankruptcy May Help Find out How

Bankruptcy can be used to save homes from foreclosure, save cars from repossession, stop lawsuits, stop wage garnishments, stop debt collection calls, stop evictions and rebuild credit.

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